EquiFund is governed by a High Council, which monitors and supervises the implementation of the programme.


Members of the High Council

  • Chairman:  Mr. Skalkos Demetrios, Secretary General, General Secretariat for Public Investments and NSRF, Ministry of Development and Investments
  • Mr. Kyriazis Athanasios, Secretary General of Research and Technology, Ministry of Development and Investments
  • Mr. Zervos Georgios, Special Secretary, Special Secretariat for ERDF & CF Programmes, Ministry of Development and Investments
  • Ms. Chatzipetrou Athina, Chairman of the Board and Managing Director (CEO), Hellenic Development Bank SA
  • Ms. Fetsi Angeliki, Head of Managing Authority of Operational Programme: “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation”, Ministry of Development and Investments


EquiFund is independently advised by European Investment Fund.